Hillary Clinton: "Ted Cruz was right"


I'll be talking about many different things. They don't even talk about that. "But I think it's frightful, I think it's absolutely disgusting, that a man can go and do that, what he's saying there".

"I mean, what was he doing with Lee Harvey Oswald shortly before the death, before the shooting?"

The discord in those first two days, followed by Cruz's refusal to endorse Trump during his speech Wednesday, stood at odds with the RNC's push to unify the fractured party ahead of November. He also quickly ripped open old wounds - including a rehashing of attacks and allegations lobbed by Trump about Cruz's wife, Heidi, and father, Rafael. "He was implying people shouldn't vote for Trump".

Translation: Cruz has indicated that if the campaign had played out exactly as it did - but Trump never said anything about Cruz's wife or father - Cruz would have stuck to his pledge and endorsed Trump.

The controversy Trump referenced started on Twitter in late March when Trump retweeted a user-generated picture that featured an unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz.

So I was not surprised when Cruz bent Donald over his knee and spanked him in front of a national audience. "I had nothing to do with it". The governor said much of his speech was well received, except for the "implied" comment about not voting for Trump.

"I'm saying just to clear this up", Trump told reporters and supporters in attendance on Friday. According to the Miami Herald, another man in the picture was never identified by the Warren Commission, whose investigation concluded Kennedy was assassinated by Oswald and that Oswald acted alone.

He said that he had "nothing to do with it" and added that the National Enquirer is "in some ways well respected" and deserved a Pulitzer Prize for exposing former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards' love affair. "It got me here", said Trump, who has fired up crowds with promises to create jobs, be tough on national security and ensure that foreign policy keeps American interests firmly at its heart.

"Ted Cruz tried to blow it up", said Sen.

"Is there anyone more comfortable being hated than Ted Cruz?". And I will never, ever kowtow to you. "They're not saying, 'Oh, that wasn't really my father.' You know, that's a little hard to do, because it looks like him".

"It's ludicrous, it's ludicrous", Rafael Cruz told ABC News on May 3.

In a time when people swallow their pride and honor for political expediency, I found what Cruz did refreshing.

For those wondering how he would top his ET-returning-to-earth entrance at the confab on Monday, Meyers reported Trump did not arrive wearing Cruz's pelt.

Trump defended himself during his remarks against charges that he had peddled a conspiracy theory linking Cruz's father to the assassination, insisting that he did not himself claim and direct association.