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Eve Dubois Family Feud Canada

Eve Dubois was up against the Tomlin family on "Family Feud" on CBC and was told by host Gerry Dee there was only one answer to the following question.

After Dubois took the podium against Logan Tomlin, host Gerry Dee posed the question, 'What is Popeye's favorite food?'

Bruno Cardinali, the head of Popeyes North American marketing, said Dubois answer shows just how their presence is successfully growing in the market.

"Name Popeye's favourite food", he said. As it turns out, she was the only one on the planet with that answer, as the answer board showed a big red X when asked, "Show me chicken!".

With lightning quick reflexes, Dubois struck the buzzer: "Chickennnnnnn!" she sang, before performing an impromptu - and slightly premature - victory dance.

Her answer, hilariously accompanied by a little dance, left her family stunned.

Instead, that moment has turned into a viral moment that has circulated social media.

Logan White, who lives in Conestogo with his wife and fellow contestant Alyssa Tomlin-White, gave the correct answer of "spinach" to advance to the fast money round. But I do appreciate that he didn't laugh right in her face, so Canadian. I never thought that me just simply saying "chicken" and doing a little dance would go this insane.

To be fair, with the amount of media coverage that damn chicken sandwich got, who can fault her? We've all been laughing about it [.] I'm in the kitchen, I'm giggling; I'm in the shower, I'm giggling.It's all going to her head right now, she's been saying, 'At least I'm pretty'. "This was taken two years ago...#theoriginalchickendance?" she captioned the tweet.

They won the $10,000 back in November and weren't aloud to share that information after the show aired.

"That was the hardest part, keeping the secret, keeping it a secret from everybody", Stephanie said. In a tweet, Popeyes said it would be giving her $10,000 worth of chicken.