He's back: Warriors say Kevin Durant will play Game 5

He's back: Warriors say Kevin Durant will play Game 5

He has missed Golden State's last nine games; the Warriors are 6-3 in those contests.

As the Toronto Raptors head into a potentially historic Game 5 at the National Basketball Association finals on Monday, there won't be a famous face singing O Canada at the Scotiabank Arena. Anything at this point is considered an improvement, as Durant has been completely out of commission after the team said he strained his right calf during the Western Conference Semifinals against the Rockets.

A new poll suggests that the Toronto Raptors' run into the NBA Finals is attracting new fans to the team - and some of the bandwagonners are actually here to stay. But, Durant at even 60 or 70 percent would provide a big boost to the Warriors, who have looked lost without him at times against the Raptors.

Of course, no one can count out the Warriors just yet. Durant did not say anything as he walked past reporters to get to the Warriors' locker room.

Kerr said the plan was to see if Durant could clear some hurdles that he hasn't crossed during his recovery.

"You worry about the conditioning", Kerr said. I know how badly he wants to be out there.

Toronto allowed Kobe Bryant to score 81 points on January 22, 2006.

If the Warriors come back to win their third title in as many years, and fourth in five, Trudeau will have to send smoked Atlantic salmon, Peace by Chocolates chocolates, St-Viateur Bagels, Pansawan dry bison meat, Nanaimo bars, and Ontario craft beer.

More than a month later, the Warriors are desperate for his return to the lineup having lost consecutive games at Oracle Arena after splitting the first two games of the series in Toronto.

The Raptors will have a plan, of course, if Durant gets on the floor Monday night.