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Here's One Small Thing John Oliver Did For Refugees Seeking

John Oliver destroys Fox News over staggeringly offensive refugee coverage

Among the refugee stories is 16-year-old Noujain Mustaffa, a Syrian girl who made the crossing from Turkey to Greece in her wheelchair because she has been disabled since birth.

"Unfortunately for Nageen and so many like her", Oliver said, "Europe has yet to create an effective system to process this influx of people".

John Oliver not only shed light on the resistance and difficult refugees are facing trying to get into Europe, but also how this media's portrayal of refugees, in some cases, is fear-mongering and aims to make people afraid of welcoming refugees into their country.

Unless of course, they go to Germany. "That's right, amazingly, one of the warmest welcomes offered to immigrants comes from Germany". "A country whose idea of a bedtime story is two children being left to die in the forrest before being nearly being cooked and eaten and murdering an old woman". "Sleep well!" And in one truly disgusting display of heartlessness, a Hungarian camerawoman was caught kicking and tripping refugees trying to flee police at a checkpoint. "The maddening thing is Europe doesn't even need to do this for good reasons".

Aside from raising awareness about the situation through his segment, Oliver had one other small contribution to the refugee crisis.

"When you're dealing with a mass of people that large, you really want to be a little careful with how you describe them", Oliver said.


Oliver first pointed out how Fox News aired a video of a group of people chanting on the tube with the caption "Terrorists Inbound?" which, it turns out, is actually from 2010. "Taking refugees could open door to jihadists".