Here's all the stuff Devolver just announced at E3 2019


This colorful new title touts that players will be battling bizare obstacles, will shove through "unruly competitors", and must overcome the unbending laws of physics themselves to emerge victorious.

The Devolver Bootleg launcher is now available on Steam for £3.95 (that's a maddening 1% discount).

You'll be able to play the game sometime in 2020. This is classic Devolver weirdness, as Bootleg brings together modified editions of 8 of their best games, with the highlight probably being Hotline Milwaukee.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be released on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2020.

The Devolver Digital E3 2019 presentation was suitably unusual, with Nina Struthers making her triumphant return in order to reveal a selection of brand new games making their way to PC and consoles. It's being developed by Warsaw's Phobia Game Studio. You'll also be unlocking new abilities with which to spread fear among the remaining people trying to keep you contained.

Carrion will be released in 2020. You control an amorphous blob that can grow and evolve while devouring human flesh, and you must ravage your way through a human facility "on the path to retribution".

Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead is a real arcade cabinet.

"Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead is an original two-player light gun arcade game in which players crawl alone or with a fellow Gungeoneer floor by floor blasting your way down through the army of the Gundead". The Picnic Panic expansion will launch July 11th on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC.

Adam Bankhurst and Colin Stevens are news writers for IGN who both are not quite sure what they just watched.