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‘He’s a negative force!’: Trump rejected meeting with Labour Party’s Jeremy Corbyn

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn

The elaborate machine, which cost £19,700 ($24966.50) to make, sits with Trump's pants around his ankles, mechanically making robotic farts while shouting some of the president's choicest quotes, including "you are fake news" and "I am a very stable genius".

Mr Trump said he refused a request for a meeting with the Labour leader and dismissed reports of demonstrations as "fake news".

On Monday 3 June, as his state visit to the United Kingdom commenced, Donald Trump remarked on the "tremendous crowds of well-wishers" poised to greet him along the streets of London.

He added: "But, I am very disappointed, particularly today, on the wonderful festival of Eid, that our, Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has been attacked in the way that he has".

He also attacked Donald Trump's treatment of migrants and refugees, stating: "Treat them as fellow human beings and citizens of this planet - who deserve our support, sympathy and understanding".

Jeremy Corbyn will join thousands of protesters on the streets of London on Tuesday as Donald Trump's state visit continues.

President Trump and U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May deliver statements on their alliance, global threats, trade and the anniversary of D-Day at a joint news conference in the Foreign Commonwealth Office Courtyard.

"It is a relationship we should be proud of".

Certainly, tens of thousands of Londoners were assembled in Trafalgar Square by 11am on Tuesday morning, wanting the 45th President of the United States to know exactly what they thought about him.

The Lord Moon of the Mall near Trafalgar Square has been used as temporary refuge for a small group of pro-Trump supporters who clashed with the thousands of people out to demonstrate against the USA president's visit.

Video footage posted on social media showed a milkshake was thrown at him before a scuffle broke out.

"I'm obviously going to be a minority today, said Mr Metcalfe, who was at Parliament Square wearing a Make America Great Again cap".

A giant robot of Donald Trump tweeting on the toilet is also amongst protesters in Trafalgar Square.

The man, who said he was from London but did not want to be named, said he was "angry" to have been targeted.

While today police had to separate protesters for and against Donald Trump after they started shouting and pointing fingers at each other outside Buckingham Palace today.