Haggen auctions 3 Tucson stores, Albertsons seeks 2


Now it looks like a significant number of those stores could be headed back to Albertsons. The facility has sophisticated capabilities in culinary development and food technology, with a special focus on fresh selections in our Service Deli, Meat, Seafood, Produce, and Bakery departments.

The grocery giant was required to sell 146 stores to a Haggen previous yearNovember 11, Albertsons - the parent company of Safeway - is to bid on 12 Haggen stores in Washington, including the Port Orchard and Gig Harbor locations. Albertsons is also going after 33 more of its former stores in California, Nevada, OR and Washington. The Foothill Boulevard Haggen in San Luis Obispo and the Los Osos Haggen are included in the auction, but have no baseline bids posted. Those plans went sour as Haggen apparently acquired under-performing Albertsons and Safeway stores in communities ill-equipped to sustain the new owner's upscale approach. It's unclear at this point whether the supermarkets on the auction block will stay open continuously while ownership changes hands. Albertsons has not indicated how it would brand the Port Orchard store should it be successful in its bid.

In an emailed statement, the worldwide union office said, "While the hard-working men and women of Haggen's have all been experiencing untold frustration and concern during these past few months, we will stand together and support one another through these hard times".