Gurley: 'Forget fantasy,' we got the win

Packers’ attacking defense draws its toughest chore yet with deceptive Rams

There was either miscommunication between Montgomery and his head coach or special teams coordinator Ron Zook and the former pair. "You know you can always beat somebody by just knowing the situations of the game".

Greg Zuerlein hit a 34-yard field goal with 2:05 left before Wilson forced and recovered Montgomery's fumble on the ensuing kickoff, and Gurley's prudent decision to go down wrapped up the Rams' 29-27 victory over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. "We got the win, so that's all that matters". "At least one player believed there was carryover from that incident to Montgomery's decision to disregard his coaches' instruction and return the kickoff". "He yelled, 'Take a f-ing knee!' He was very, very mad". "I'm insubordinate. I'm a cancer, whatever is out there", Montgomery said.

Coach Mike McCarthy spoke out on Monday afternoon. That was him saying, "I'm gonna do me.' It's a f-- joke".

"We made a mistake".

It's a game they weren't expected to win, but one they will feel like they should've won. "But I've never been a guy to completely disobey what I'm being told". As if his two rushes for six yards and one catch for two yards was enough to stay in the game over a player like Aaron Jones. On top of surrendering a safety which sparked a Rams comeback in the second quarter, the offense couldn't sustain possessions and consequently, kept an already exhausted defense on the field longer and more frequently than they needed to be.

"If Gurley goes in there", a Caesars Palace sportsbook manager said, per ESPN, "we lose a ton of teasers, get middled on the game, and the over crushes us". "When the momentum swings the other way, you can't fight it, you have to embrace it". What happened next infuriated gamblers and fantasy football players alike. "Unfortunately, we didn't have that opportunity".

There are tough losses, and then there's the loss the Green Bay Packers suffered Sunday, Oct. 28 vs. the Los Angeles Rams. "That's where we are".

"There's a lot of things to build off of, but the situational awareness, execution, communication down the stretch there, that was our failure", McCarthy said.