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Gunman at California Walmart distribution center was former employee

A man was shot at the Walmart distribution center Red Bluff California

He was taken to the hospital by a sheriff's deputy due to the extent of his injuries, but later died, Johnston said. "But that was not recent - it's been a while, it's been a year and a half".

"We understand that he has a prior history with Walmart distribution center as an employee", Johnston said.

The shooter drove through and around the parking lot four times before crashing his vehicle into the lobby area of the building, the Sheriff's Office said.

Krick was on the way to pick up his wife when he saw the flames, he said. Police added that he was using a semi-automatic rifle. After the vehicle caught fire, the man began shooting at workers with a "semiautomatic rifle with a multiround clip", Johnston said.

The gunman carrying an "AR-type weapon" was reportedly shot by police after ramming his vehicle into the facility in the town of in Red Bluff, 120 miles north of state capital Sacramento, reports The Sacramento Bee newspaper.

"That officer engaged the suspect and had an exchange of gunfire", Johnston said.

Officials say this occurred on Saturday, June 27 at approximately 3:30 pm when dispatch received multiple calls of an active shooter and shots fired.

He said a second officer showed up as the gunman was still firing at the first officer.

He had been shot in the chest by about 3.45 p.m., 15 minutes after the shooting started.

Law enforcement officers already completed an initial sweep of the building looking for the shooter and possible victims, Borden said.

"Based on evidence at the scene, video surveillance and witness statements investigators determined Lane acted alone", the sheriff's department said in a statement.

Another victim, who was struck by the shooter's auto as he drove into the building, remains at the hospital. The cause of his death was not immediately released pending an autopsy scheduled for Monday. Johnston confirmed that a total of six people had been transported from the scene to local area hospitals with injuries ranging from minor to moderate. The Tehama County District Attorney will review the officers' role in the shooting while the Tehama County Sheriff's Office will lead the incident's investigation.

Local media said the Tehama County Sheriff's Office is conducting a criminal investigation with assistance from the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).