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Groups pressure Democrats, Pelosi on Trump impeachment

Groups pressure Democrats, Pelosi on Trump impeachment

Democrats, including some of those running for the party's presidential primary for 2020, said Mueller's comments were a signal to Congress that it was their job to bring about impeachment. House Democrats are demanding Barr break this law and threatening to hold him in contempt for refusing.

Progressive groups are expressing "deep disappointment" over House Democrats' unwillingness to start impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump and are calling on Speaker Nancy Pelosi to act, according to a letter obtained by The Associated Press.

Doyle told Pittsburgh's public radio station recently that he supports congressional oversight efforts of the Trump administration, and suggested impeachment could be a next step, though he stopped short of joining those calling for those proceedings to begin.

In regards to the Trump Administration, given the fact they have stonewalled nearly every congressional subpoena and have now proven they are willing to defy a court order from federal prosecutors, the pressure Democrats are applying appears more than justified.

But after months of negotiations, the GOP-controlled Senate easily cleared the bill and Trump said he'd back it. But in some conservative areas, it hardly came up at all as voters focused on health care, the economy and other issues.

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff sided with Pelosi on Sunday, and said "we're not there yet" on impeachment.

"This is the way to enforce the subpoena and to compel witnesses to testify that we have a constitutional responsibility, not just authority, but a constitutional responsibility to get information on the operations of the people's government, that the American people should have", Hoyer said.

Amid rising calls for action, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced the House will vote next week to hold Barr and McGahn in contempt for their failure to comply with the subpoenas.

The resolution scheduled for a June 11 vote will allow the Judiciary Committee to seek court enforcement of its subpoenas.

Politico reported that the House Judiciary Committee already voted in May to hold Barr in contempt after he ignored a request to provide the fully unredacted Mueller report and underlying evidence. "TV news viewers heard three times as many references to "impeachment" compared to before Mueller concluded there was no campaign conspiracy with Russian Federation, while making no determination about potential obstruction of justice". It will feature several attorneys including John Dean, the former White House counsel who testified against Richard Nixon during the Watergate hearings.

Mueller's report detailed how Russians created so-called troll farms to spread divisive messages and sow distrust in candidates and the US political system, steered Americans to pro-Trump rallies that they organized, hacked Democratic Party computer networks and traveled the country to collect intelligence.

"As the Mueller Report details, the Trump campaign welcomed Russia's help, the President lied about it after the fact, and tried to obstruct the investigation of this grave threat to our democracy", Nadler tweeted.

The Department's decision reflects President Trump's blanket defiance of Congress's constitutionally mandated duties.