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Groom sexually assaulted a bridesmaid days before getting married, police say

Police Pennsylvania groom charged with sexually assaulting wife’s bridesmaid before wedding

Carney was reportedly stopped after his bride-to-be walked into the locker and caught him assaulting her bridesmaid.

The 29-year-old claims she woke up in the men's locker room with Carney fondling her and taking off her bikini bottom.

A friend of Carney's said the couple did get married. She and Carney physically fought, according to the records obtained by WNEP. She told police she felt "extremely violated and upset".

As the groom scrambled to explain his behavior, the wedding itself somehow went on as planned, local TV station WNEP reported. She told police Carney was biting her breast and grabbing her head and body, according to court documents.

When they returned to their hotel on August 30, Daniel J. Carney's wife-to-be asked him to walk a friend inside.

"Based on that report" She mentioned she remembered being led away from the water and waking up within the locker room with Mr.

The subsequent day was "chaos amongst the entire wedding party", she advised cops, with Carney initially claiming that the bridesmaid initiated the locker room encounter.

After police reviewed the video, Carney changed his story, admitting he'd grabbed the woman by the arms and pulled her into the locker room.

Surveillance pictures exhibits him pulling the unsteady lady to the resort's men's locker room - the save he assaulted her, law enforcement officials stated.

The morning of the wedding he again apologized, asked her to take day-after contraception, and asked "can we just be as happy as possible" for the sake of his wife-to-be.

Carney told police on September 2, however, that he felt the woman had taken advantage of him.

Police listened to a name between Carney and the victim, all the plot by which he denied they'd sex, nonetheless admitted sexually assaulting her and apologized, the criticism states. I'm as happy as ever to marry [bride's name redacted] and I know this is awful as well but my d- was out in the shower. "Please tell me yes i'm begging you", he allegedly wrote.

Carney became charged Friday with involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and assault.

Carney's attorney James Swetz did not return a phone call seeking comment on the charges.