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Grand jury convened to consider criminal charges against Donald Trump

39;He's in deep trouble Legal experts explain why Trump's NY grand jury is much bigger than normal cases

The group of Manhattan residents will mull whether to criminally charge Trump and his business executives as part of District Attorney Cy Vance Jr.'s long-running investigation into alleged financial fraud at the Trump Organization, according to The Washington Post.

"History, other presidents didn't have to put up with what I had to do".

Appointing a special grand jury suggests that the case has reached an advanced stage, but has not yet been prosecuted. It also will hear other matters during that time, according to the Post.

The development is the latest step towards the 74-year-old Trump, who left the White House in January, possibly becoming the first ever ex-US leader to face criminal charges.

"This is purely political, and an affront to the nearly 75 million voters who supported me in the Presidential Election", he continued, "and it's being driven by highly partisan Democrat prosecutors".

The Trump Organisation did not respond to an AFP request for comment yesterday.

Last week, James said her office was investigating the Trump Organization in a "criminal capacity" and was working with Vance's team.

Investigators suspect the Trump Organization may have artificially inflated and reduced the value of assets, particularly several properties in NY state, to either get bank loans or reduce their taxes.

Vance refuses to run for reelection and will resign at the end of the year.

In a case as complex as the Trump probe, however, Tobias argued Vance's success would be contingent on prosecutors making comprehensive presentations. An election next month is all but certain to determine who that will be.

In February, the US Supreme Court upheld Vence's investigation by clarifying how prosecutors would execute and obtain subpoenas at Trump's accounting firm.

Vance's investigation has appeared to focus in recent weeks on Trump's longtime finance chief, Allen Weisselberg.

Trump claims that the investigation is a "witch hunt". His former daughter-in-law, Jen Weisserberg, is cooperating with both inquiries.

She gave investigators a series of tax records and other documents when investigating whether some Trump employees were given off-book compensation such as apartment and school tuition.

Allen Weisselberg was subpoenaed in James' civil investigation and testified twice a year ago.

Mr Vance or the district attorney's office have not spoken about the grand jury proceedings, which are kept secret. If indictments come down, it will be his successor's job to bring them to trial.