Gosporth’s board blamed for setting up a "half-Christmas tree"


He orders trees a year in advance but this year one of his suppliers cut his usual order by 25 per cent so he had to find others to top up his order. Friday morning is opening day for the Christmas tree season, and the Kalie family is ready for the crowds.

Christmas tree permits are now available at Bureau of Land Management offices around New Mexico. He says you do not just pick out your Christmas tree when you come visit.

There was also a drought a decade ago, with few trees surviving.

He said the lack of trees has been a growing concern over the past couple of years.

The hall will be decorated with over 20 Christmas trees, each donated by a local business or individual. "We might not be able to accommodate that kind of tree that you've always had", said Brennan.

Once again, Halifax Minster is set to be transformed into a winter wonderland of Christmas trees this weekend. "And it's not as rainy this year, that's a good thing, that helps", Kalie said.

The Christmas tree market saw a large decline in 2008 when the country was deep in recession.

"We have people coming up from the states, from Ottawa, from Hamilton", Andrew Drysdale says. "So we have places for people to take pictures out in the fields, we serve up hot chocolate after you've gotten your tree and we're bailing it and getting it ready for you", Kalie's wife, Kate, explained.