GOP chair Ronna McDaniel slams 'anti-Semitic' Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar standing next to a motorcycle Jury Begins Deliberation In Former Officer Chauvin Murder Trial

"We welcome the clarification by Congresswoman Omar that there is no moral equivalency between the USA and Israel and Hamas and the Taliban", they said.

"We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity", she wrote, including a video of her questioning Secretary of State Antony Blinken during a committee hearing in the House of Representatives.

"Drawing false equivalencies between democracies like the United States and Israel and groups that engage in terrorism like Hamas and the Taliban foments prejudice and undermines progress toward a future of peace and security for all", the leaders said. I asked Sec. Blinken where people are supposed to go for justice.

How is Rep. Omar still sitting on the Foreign Affairs Committee after her disturbing track record of these types of remarks? "To be clear: The conversation was about accountability for specific incidents regarding those ICC cases, not a moral comparison between Hamas and the Taliban and the USA and Israel". Tom Cotton said on Twitter "if she really believes America is a hateful country on par with the Taliban and Hamas, she's welcome to leave", while Rep. Brian Mast of Florida posted that Omar "is completely unfit to serve our country". "We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban", it said.

Before that, she was forced to apologize for suggesting that supporters of Israel were motivated by money, tweeting: "It's all about the Benjamins baby".

"Citing an open case against Israel, US, Hamas & Taliban in the ICC isn't (a) comparison or from "deeply seated prejudice", she said shortly after her colleagues' statement was issued, adding that "the truth can't be hidden or silenced forever".

Some Jewish Democrats hesitated to make a statement.

On Thursday, JNS reached out to the offices of each of the Jewish members included in Schneider's statement asking whether they think Omar should be removed from her committee appointment but received no response.

"Rep. Omar's anti-Semitic & anti-American comments are abhorrent", McCarthy tweeted. "And now some of her own Democratic colleagues are ginning up the same Islamophobic hate against her, accusing her of giving "cover to terrorist groups" simply for exercising oversight over a criminal investigation".

But Omar noted that she is also the frequent target of anti-Muslim attacks.

In a letter to the speaker, exclusively obtained by Fox News, the GOP members reminded Pelosi that she said "it is the responsibility of the party's leadership in the House of Representatives to hold accountable egregious words and actions made by Members of the Party". "We consider anything less to be a form of complicity". Throughout these decades, they remained steadfast, fighting for their freedom and independence, given all opportunities, showed a lot of flexibility, and paid very high prices to achieve these rights by peaceful means.

The Palestinian people have been living under the Zionist occupation for more than seven decades, during which they suffered a lot, and the most heinous crimes were committed against them. As for Israel's conduct, on countless occasions Tel Aviv's brutal onslaughts against the Palestinians have been described by experts as falling within the definition of war crimes.

Ms. Omar's use of the term "tropes" this week in describing her colleagues' request for clarification was a defiant echo of that earlier altercation. As for the Afghan Taliban, while their violent tactics and enforcement of obscurantist codes during their rule over Afghanistan can hardly be justified, they are stakeholders in their homeland, which is why the Americans have signed a peace deal with them.

Accordingly, we look to Mrs. Ilhan Omar, and all defenders of Palestinian rights, to describe things correctly and accurately, because this is the most important starting point for laying the foundations for a just solution to this chronic conflict.