Google Search now has dark mode on Android, iOS

The advantages of dark mode on a smartphone

The same happens with the Light Mode, with the function that follows the general configuration of the system. This will only be possible if your mobile device is running on Android 10 or iOS 12 and up. Starting today, Google will offer Dark Mode to its Google search app for iOS. In a bid to expand support for Dark Mode across its app portfolio, Google has announced the roll-out of Dark mode support for the Google App and Google Assistant. This flexibleness as not everyone would want dark mode all over their phone.The dark mode for Google search in PC is expecting soon. Once the most up to date upgrade reaches your tool, you can open up the Google app and also go to Settings and also select the motif.

This new update to the Google Search app comes alongside other services from the company that have been getting the dark mode as well lately including Gmail and Google Maps. However, they can also manually toggle back between the dark and the light mode from the app. This is the reason that most of the app has added the mode for its users.

Google has gradually been implementing a full rollout for dark mode across all of Google's apps, comparatively slower than other platforms. It should be noted that the feature has already been tested for several months, before being made available to everyone. As per Google, the feature is rolling out today, however globally it will be available by the end of the week. It will highlight that a dark mode theme is available.