Google Play starts promoting apps based on engagement


One of the more notable launches is something Google is calling "playables", which, as the name implies, is an interactive ad format that lets users play a lightweight version of a game when they see it advertised within another game. This means that games that get played more will get more visibility on the Play Store, as against titles that are installed but not played as much. By using those tools, the developers can check their game's performance, and how its promotion is going on. However, this changes today as Google has announced proper support for sales and discounts in the Play Store for apps.

In 2016, the top grossing iOS game globally was Fantasy Westward Journey that was developed by Chinese company NetEase, while that on Google Play was Monster Strike developed by Japanese firm Mixi. However, it is more focused on games that have "strong user retention and user engagement" numbers will be more featured on Google Play than games that do not.

Google is also letting outside developers and companies create promotions for their games on Google Play, which Bankhead explained will help them "drive awareness" to their apps.

Aside from this, Google introduced an auto-flip feature that automatically orients ads to the phone's vertical or horizontal position. Often, users are holding their phones vertically, but the ads were designed for horizontal viewing.

The last improvement coming is the addition of editorial pages.

The company also said that reward videos which offers gamers coins, more lives, etc. for watching ads will be available across the entire Universals Ad Campaign.

It is worth noting that sale could only be offered for apps purchase and not for subscription based services and in-app purchases. This also results in a more qualified install of the game since the person actually will have some experience with it and will install the game because they wanted to play more of it.