Google Play Music will start shutting down in September

Google Play Music will start shutting down in September

Google warned users about the app's impending demise in May, and urged people to switch to YouTube Music, but offered a more specific timeline today.

Google previously announced that it expected to shut down its Google Play Music service by the end of the year. The company stated that it will replace Google Play Music to YouTube Music by December 2020.

In September, users in New Zealand and South Africa will begin to lose access to streaming on the app altogether and all other global markets will follow suit in October.

Subscription prices won't be affected, but it remains unclear how services will change on the new platform. But if you're a user of Google Play, we've got some info you need to be aware of.

With this step, Google tries not to get lost in the race to do business in streaming music.

In May, Google provided a transfer tool that you can use to transfer your libraries from Google Play Music to YouTube Music. Anyone who wants to download their data and music purchased in streaming will have until December to do so.

Since Google released YouTube Music in 2015, it was assumed that Google Play Music would end up closing.

The modifications are going to start ahead of anticipated, what with Google now not accepting any buy or pre-order requests, and eradicating the choice to add or obtain music from Google Play Music through Music Supervisor beginning late August.

It's worth mentioning that if you plan to use a third-party transfer tool to move to Spotify or Tidal, you should do it before October in case Google blocks the ability to use these tools once consumers can't use the app anymore.

The details about every song will also be transferred. And yes, it includes the playlists you have created. Just like you could with Google Play Music, you can also upload your own music to your account that can then be accessed via the cloud on any device on which you can access YouTube Music.

Google is slowly but surely getting ready to shut down Google Play Music, and YouTube Music is its replacement, for better or worse. The app will also let users explore programmed playlists like Highline, Caribbean Pulse, Conditions Underground, among others.