Google may be working on a Pixel 4 with 5G

Image via Evan Blass

The Google Pixel 4 and Google Pixel 4 XL will nearly certainly appear next week at Google's annual Pixel event.

Many expected the watch would see the light of day late previous year, but Google's Director of Engineering on Wear OS, Miles Barr dashed those hopes.

Just when we thought everything about the Pixel 4 has leaked, including the rumored prices, a new report has now surfaced suggesting that Google will also show off a 5G-enabled variant of the Pixel 4. However, the Nikkei Asian Review reports today that there could be a major surprise coming in the form of the Google Pixel Watch. According to The Verge's report, Google could launch the 5G Pixel 4 model later next year during Spring alongside the Pixel 3a successor. And as it turns out, those familiar with the Google-Fossil deal say that Google wasn't really interested in the IP as it was in acquiring the 20 engineers that came over from Fossil in the transaction; that would seem to be a sign that perhaps we will see a Pixel Watch take the stage in New York City this year. Now a fresh, new report gives some hope we might actually see the device later this month. Apple is expected to launch 5G-ready iPhones in 2020. The 5G version of the Pixel is now in testing in China apparently with an Autumn release next year (Downunder time) - while not early and over 12 months behind some 5G phones it would still put them ahead of an Apple 5G release.

Nikkei Asian Review's tracking record hasn't been that accurate.

Google Pixel 4 is set to get significant design and internal upgrades.

We're even learning of new features from the most unlikely of places, such as Frequent Faces that was discovered in the Google Camera 7.1 APK for Wear OS.