Google brings a Chrome… installer… to the Microsoft Store ars_ab.settitle(1234555)


To be on the Window 10 app store, Google Chrome browse must use the appropriate HTML and JavaScript engines provided by the Windows Platform, meaning that Windows 10 S users will be stuck with Microsoft Edge and Bing on their devices. If you were expecting Google to offer a version of Chrome specifically tailored for Windows 10 users who prefer to use apps, you should know that this is basically just a launcher for the desktop installer that you can manually download from Google's site. But it was only in the form of an app that opened a browser tab so you could download it the regular way.

"[Note to Windows 10 S users] Windows 10 S is incompatible with apps like Google Chrome". While Microsoft has developed a system, "Centennial", for packaging existing Windows applications and distributing them through the Store-a convenient capability, as it provides centralized upgrading and clean uninstallation-Google is not using that for Chrome.

So, even though we're seeing a listing for Chrome go live on the Windows Store today, it isn't the actual browser that you'll be downloading. While we'd like more apps to be available through the Store-if for no other reason than to get the simplified updating and uninstallation-virtually every Windows user already runs a number of non-Store applications anyway. Google would have to create a special Chrome app that would adhere to Microsoft's Store policies. However, it's not an app like many would have been expecting.

Since this involves using the Edge rendering engine this is very unlikely to happen.