Google allows developers to access user emails

Google allows developers to access user emails

"Email data collectors use software to scan millions of messages a day, looking for clues about consumers that they can sell to marketers, hedge funds, and other businesses". Google said it doesn't usually-employees are said to read emails only when they need to to squash bugs or fix security flaws-but the reality is that Gmail users have little say over who at Google can read their email.

"Some people might consider that to be a dirty secret", says Mr. Loder.

The use of human email scans was first revealed Monday by the Wall Street Journal. No, but third-party apps might be.

Before a non-Google app may access data, Google shows a permissions screen that displays the types of data the app can access and how it can use that data. Google had promised its users a year ago that it will stop reading their emails to better target them with advertising, however, it continues to give this prized access to outsiders.

With 1.4 billion users Gmail is the most popular email service, however Google says the practice is not against its policies., reported the BBC. Its rules also bar app developers from making permanent copies of user data and storing them in a database.

"Overall there should be no surprises for Google users: hidden features, services, or actions that are inconsistent with the marketed goal of your application may lead Google to suspend [access]".

So far, there has been no proof that data acquired by Google or these third-party developers have been misused, just like with the aforementioned Cambridge Analytica scandal. You should be on the safe side with Google apps, which would include apps like Chrome or Google Maps.

The Journal said Google confirmed it provides data to outside developers it has "vetted" and to whom users have granted access permission. Frey maintained that although its automated data processing has cast a shadow over its privacy practices, "no one at Google reads your Gmail", save for specific instances which may warrant the scanning of emails for various purposes like investigating a bug or abuse.

The three groups are apps that allow for "Signing in with Google", "Third-party apps with account access", and "Google apps".

Although Tobok has suggestions for protecting personal information on Gmail and other email services, he says there are always risks with companies that make their money by selling data.