Gmail, Google Drive down for many users worldwide, trouble uploading files

Gmail outage

Users are generally able to access Google Drive, Gmail and hangout, but are encountering what IT support staff calls "high latency, and/or other unexpected behaviours".

It wrote, "We're investigating reports of an issue with Gmail".

Another Twitter user acknowledged that Gmail being down is a real "struggle" since e-mail services are considered the primary means of communication and the link to having accounts in other platforms.

Google provided an update on the situation sometime later; "We are continuing to investigate this issue". However, it is yet to explain what the underlying issue is that can cause multiple services to fail simultaneously. At this time, Gmail and Google Drive outage is impacting users in India as well as across Europe, Asia and the USA.

The main complaints are the inability to send emails or add any attachments. Google Drive users are unable to share, upload or download files.

For most people complaining of the outage, they are either unable to send mails at all or are unable to attach files.

However, as of going to press, Gmail services seems to be working again but everything else is still down. The G Suite Status Dashboard has also been updated to reflect issues affecting Gmail. The company updated its Dashboard at 11 pm PST, saying that it's still working on the issues and that it will provide an update at 1 am PST. We will provide an update by 20/08/2020 09:21am with more information about this problem.