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Global COVID-19 deaths surpass 270,000

Global COVID-19 deaths surpass 270,000

Global coronavirus-related fatalities Friday exceeded the 270,000 marks, according to a running tally by the US-based Johns Hopkins University.

China has not registered a single fatality since last week and its death toll continues to stand at 4,637.

As many as 2,390 COVID-19 patients have recovered over the past 24 hours (5,308 yesterday) in Russian Federation, bringing the total number of cured people to 34,306.

The United States reported the most COVID-19 deaths at 78,932 among 1,314,799 cases.

The USA is now leading the global count with 1,305,199 infections, 78,469 deaths, and 198,993 recoveries.

Overall, the virus has spread to 187 countries. For instance, it's unclear to know the virus' exact mortality rate, recovery rate and spread without widespread testing, something that many countries - including the USA - now lack.

As Newsweek reported on March 27, the USA had recently seen a surge in diagnoses, having confirmed more than 50,000 positive cases over the three-week period following its 100th diagnosis. The toll is 78,469 in the U.S., 31,662 in Britain, 30,395 in Italy, 26,313 in France, and 26,299 in Spain.

Italy still holds third place with 218,268 infections, 30,395 deaths, and 103,031 recoveries.

Government officials across the globe, as well as within the USA, have responded to downward trends in new diagnoses, hospitalizations and deaths related to the new coronavirus recorded in recent weeks.