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George Floyd trial: Lawyers allege Floyd 'danger to community'

LIVE UPDATES Tentative 2-week jury selection 4-week trial format discussed for George Floyd case

On Thursday, the Minnesota attorney general's office filed a "notice of intent to offer other evidence" with the Hennepin County District Court.

Besides asking for separate trials, defense lawyers asked for the case to be moved to another jurisdiction.

The stadium is about 3 miles from where the 46-year-old handcuffed Black man died in police custody as a white officer pressed his knee against his neck for almost eight minutes. "Here, all four Defendants worked together to murder Floyd: Chauvin, Kueng, and Lane pinned Floyd face-down, while Thao stopped the crowd from intervening, enabling the other Defendants to maintain their positions", prosecutors said in a filing.

Lane, Kueng, and Thao are charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and manslaughter.

Chauvin, who is in custody, appeared in person for the first time, after attending previous hearings via videoconference.

A portrait of George Floyd in a memorial for him in Minneapolis.

"Indict, condemn, send these killer cops to prison", chanted again hundreds of people who had gathered outside the court under a large "Black Lives Matter" banner. One carried a Black Lives Matter flag and wore a black helmet with swim goggles around the back of his head. Rather, Floyd was killed by an overdose of racism and excessive force by the MPD (Minneapolis Police Department).

Neal Katyal, an outside special attorney assisting the prosecution, told Cahill on Friday that the "interests of justice" favour one trial because multiple trials would place a burden on the court and witnesses, and could delay justice for months, if not years. "We don't think they should be put through the trauma of four different jury verdicts", he said.

He also raised the possibility that a verdict in an initial trial could prejudice the jury pool for later trials. They also expressed fear of the jurors being subjected to coercion in case their names go public during the trial. A joint trial "would allow the community to absorb the verdicts at once".

"The one thing I want is accountability", he continued. Charged with murder, he is being held in a Minnesota state jail and has so far presented himself to justice only by video link. But that will not be enough to dissipate the protests. Lawyers for Lane and Kueng argued their clients were rookies who followed Chauvin's lead.

"These defendants acted together, they were on the scene together, they were talking to each other during the nine minutes Floyd was on the ground", Katyal said. Gray wrote that the video shows Floyd had something in his mouth that looked like a fentanyl pill, which disappeared.

Nelson compared Floyd's behaviour in both arrests, saying: "Clearly, Mr Floyd had a modus operandi in the way he acted when approached by police officers while attempting to hide narcotics".

All four defendants say the decision to restrain Floyd, who was handcuffed and held down by two of the officers while under Chauvin's knee - was reasonably justified. They failed to elevate this call as an urgent one or gave any medical assistance.

Floyd's death was captured in widely seen bystander video that set off protests, sometimes violent, that spread around the world.

"If EMS had arrived just three minutes sooner, Mr Floyd may have survived".

Body-camera footage from the day Floyd died shows Lane and Kueng approaching a panicked Floyd, who says, "I'm not a bad guy!"and struggles, begging not to be put in a squad auto. If Kueng and Lane had recognized the apparent signs of an opioid overdose and rendered aid, such as administering naloxone, Mr. Floyd may have survived", Nelson wrote".