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France announces nightly curfews to control COVID-19

Parisians playing petanque in a park

France has reported over 30,000 new coronavirus cases in one day - a rise of over 8,000. "The virus is everywhere in France", Macron said. The curfew will be effective Friday at midnight in Paris and eight other metropolitan regions in France.

"We have to act".

While the curfew has broad public support - a Harris Interactive poll after Macron's announcement found 70 percent approval - officials in several cities anxious about the heavy social and economic costs of a measure set to last at least a month.

Anyone found to be outdoors during the curfew without special authorisation will face a fine of €135.

She said she would close down entirely at night, as have hundreds of other restaurants across France. "We need to put a brake on the spread of the virus", President Emmanuel Macron said.

46% of hospital beds in Pair are now occupied by COVID-19 patients, French Prime Minister (PM) Jean Castex noted on Thursday, as reported by Reuters. "It justifies the declaration of the state of emergency so that measures can be adopted. which are strictly proportionate to the public health risks".

But he also ruled out several more strict measures, at least for the moment. "We have not lost control". The French "Toussaint" (All Saints) autumn school holiday begins on Saturday, and Macron said that when it came to holidays or visiting family, people should use common sense and stick to health protocols. Further, gathering of a maximum of six people will be accepted during the phase.