Fortnite Popular Limited Time Mode Coming Back Soon

Fortnite						New Compact SMG Coming to Fortnite

This is a popular skin found in the game so it makes a lot of sense that Funko would like to use this skin for its' first Fortnite related product. Dubbed the "Compact SMG", the weapon has turned up in in-game previews as was spotted by Reddit users yesterday. For the next week until Aug 7, Epic Games is celebrating the release of the original game mode, the Save the World campaign, by giving out some birthday goodies for players.

The last time it had a makeover like this was over 6 months ago for Christmas. What started off as a somewhat cluttered survival title centered around building forts eventually became the biggest game on the planet with the inclusion of its free-to-play Battle Royale Mode. An Epic Games representative seemed to confirm the weapon by posting simply posting "Oops" when the "exceles" typo was pointed out.

They can also be found near other places on the map including Flush Factory, Lonely Lodge and Pleasant Park. The relaunch will follow today's v5.10 update, which added and changed many things in Fortnite, as well as revealing all the upcoming changes to Playground LTM.

- Complete the Fortnite Birthday questline in Save the World and earn the Birthday Brigade Ramirez Hero!

Deal 1,000 damage to opponents - Unlocks the Fortnite Birthday!

Naturally, the birthday challenges are cake-themed.

Fortnite Popular Limited Time Mode Coming Back Soon

One challenge in particular tasks players with dancing in front of birthday cakes.

How many of you are actually playing the game now?

We hope that this Fortnite birthday bake guide will help players find the locations of the cakes. So, while you're downloading the update you can go through all the changes an improvements that come with it.

Between the basketball court and Durr Burger right in the center of Greasy Grove.

Finally, head to the center of Greasy Grove and check between the basketball court and the burger place.