Ford government rejects NDP paid sick day motion

Members of the Ontario government sit in the legislature in spring 2020

Jones also said that Ford "looks like the most guilty, lying, disingenuous sack of garbage. a giant demonic ferret", as well as "an evil hedgehog that just ate your freedoms".

Horwath, for her part, has said the NDP and its MPPs will refuse to co-operate with any suspension of the legislature until the provincial government has implemented public health measures that would curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said on Monday the province expects to face a delay in the supply of AstraZeneca Plc COVID-19 vaccine, as he faces significant blowback for his handling of the pandemic in Ontario.

Steven Del Duca, the opposition Liberal Party leader in Ontario, said Ford was imposing "martial law" and that the move was a "dangerous attack on racialized Ontarians" who would be unfairly targeted. Businesses are already on the brink and more will go under without help.

Shuts down all non-essential workplaces.

Police in cities across Ontario, Canada's most populous province, on Saturday refused to make random stops greenlighted by the provincial government seeking to impose a stay-at-home order amid a surge in Covid-19 cases.

Prince Edward Island on the weekend became the latest province to say it would like to help but noted it, too, is fighting the pandemic at home.

Dr. Peter Juni said the science table did not recommend closing playgrounds or giving police wide-ranging enforcement powers and had instead recommended paid sick days for essential workers and the temporary closure of more non-essential workplaces.

Accelerating the vaccination of essential workers and those who live in hot spots.

Restricting movement into the province and between regions. "Moving around the province risks creating new hotspots, especially because the variants of concern are so transmissible". The public health guidance remains for people to stay home. To allow for social connections and outdoor activity for physical and mental health, the report indicates this means small groups of people from different households can meet outdoors while following public health recommendations.

"While Nova Scotia isn't in a position to reallocate vaccines, I have asked our officials to consider what resources we are able to provide while continuing to keep Nova Scotian's safe", said Rankin.

Policies that discourage safe outdoor activity and disproportionately harm children or people who don't have access to their own greenspace.

Finally, the table notes that, "Inconsistent policies with no clear link to scientific evidence are ineffective in fighting COVID-19".