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Florida notches one-day virus case record in setback to reopening

A screen capture of the Covid Task Force briefing

This time, the state saw 9,585 new COVID-19 cases, according to new numbers from the Florida Department of Health (DOH).

Coronavirus cases in the U.S. topped 2.5 million on Saturday when new states saw record spikes this week in their daily rate of coronavirus infection.

"This is happening because much of the country around Memorial Day, and the weeks that followed, we opened up while we still had a large number of cases", Dr. Ashish Jha, director of the Harvard Global Health Institute, said on Saturday, adding that he believed the USA lacked the testing and contact tracing infrastructure needed to reopen safely.

As cases spike, United States tourists are "unlikely" to be allowed into the European Union as the bloc commences opening up to intercontinental travel, quite a few EU diplomats told CNN.

"The most important thing that would change the really individual behavior, and our respect for one another through social distancing, wearing a mask, and ensuring that we're protecting the most vulnerable", Birx said.

According to a Johns Hopkins database, more than 45,000 new cases of COVID-19 were reported on Friday.

Cases are constantly moving in Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota and Virginia.

Florida and Texas have both recently pulled back on their reopening plans in response to increasing cases.

California Governor Gavin Newsom said Friday that Imperial County, southeast of Los Angeles, has become so overwhelmed by the virus that he was recommending it issue a strict new stay-at-home order.

"Something must be done to prevent economic problems caused by the coronavirus", said supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Iran, which has struggled to curb its outbreak. "It's a situation that is evolving and we will continue to make decisions based on data".

Governor Greg Abbott, another Republican who resisted lockdowns, said Friday that if he could "go back and redo anything, it probably would have been to slow down the opening of bars".

MI has recorded 19 more deaths linked to coronavirus and on Wednesday confirmed 353 cases of the virus.

A day later, Abbott also explained he was closing bars and restricting cafe capacity.

"We expect that our numbers will be worse future week and the 7 days adhering to", the governor explained.

In recent days, officials across the USA have reported an increase in cases among younger groups. In Mississippi, officials pointed to fraternity parties as a single of the drivers powering the state's scenarios.

"Even in a health crisis, the American people don't forfeit our constitutional rights", he said.

The average age of people infected has dropped sharply - to 33 from 65 two months ago. The state's community transmission, he claimed, is "being driven by that 18 to 35-calendar year-aged group".

"We've been stressing avoiding the 3 Cs which are: closed spaces with very poor air flow, crowded locations with many individuals close by and close-contact settings, such as close-vary conversations".

More than half of USA states, particularly in the South and West, have seen spikes in the number of COVID cases, while once hard-hit northeastern states have continued to mark improvements.