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Florida governor to put $25M toward developing Zika vaccine

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The Research Institute for Tropical Medicine has enough reagents to carry out tests for over 1,000 suspected cases, but the health department is buying 8,000 more test kits. Zika is primarily transmitted by mosquitoes, and mosquitoes infected with Zika are known to be present in the Maldives, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It was also reported that the new four recent confirmed Zika cases in Iloilo are more than 10 kilometers away from the three cases earlier recorded in the city.

Currently, the CDC says, "relatively few labs in the USA are certified to test for Zika".

The Miami-Dade acounty began spraying the insecticide last week after CDC recommended using it to help kill adult mosquitoes especially ones that carry the virus and stop them from reproducing.

Maxwell said the Health Center is also prepared to draw blood samples for Zika virus testing and screening if they suspect a case.

A plane contracted by Miami-Dade County mosquito control officials sprayed naled over South Beach on Sunday. "It appears that the aerial application of the one-two punch has the ability to rapidly interrupt transmission". Invasive Aedes mosquitoes can transmit Zika virus to other persons if they first bite a person with the virus.

As of September 19, the FL DOH has determined that active Zika virus transmission is no longer ongoing in the Wynwood area.

The Wynwood Business Improvement District estimates that restaurant and retail sales in the area sank 50% year-over-year since Zika transmission first made headlines.

But the CDC isn't exactly advising pregnant women to go to Wynwood. Those counts dropped significantly only after two aerial spraying runs, the report said.

Most people infected with Zika only suffer mild flu-like symptoms, but the virus can cause severe brain-related defects, including disastrously small heads.

"This outbreak would have kept going without the aerial spraying", Petersen said.

Dr. James Castillo, "This woman is pregnant, obviously for pregnant women, we have our radar up for testing for Zika".

Scott said his office would release more details about the vaccine program "in the coming days". He said the couple has tried to balance Zika with other safety recommendations for pregnant women. "You need to know this in order to target your efforts", said Vanlandingham.