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Flagged 3,00,000 "Potentially Misleading" US Election Tweets, Says Twitter

The friction's staying in your retweets for a while. Sorry folks

In all, 74% of users who saw labeled tweets did so after the labels were applied.

"These enforcement actions remain part of our continued strategy to add context and limit the spread of misleading information about election processes around the world on Twitter", Vijaya Gadde and Kayvon Beykpour, who lead Twitter's legal and product teams, respectively, wrote in a blog post Thursday.

Social media giant, Twitter, says it labelled approximately 300,000 tweets for disputed and "potentially misleading" contents about the US elections over the last two weeks. A Twitter spokeswoman said this week it had stopped using these more restrictive election-related warning labels.

They included some tweets by President Donald Trump, such as one in which he, without evidence, accused the Democrats of trying to steal the election.

It said this was because it limited the amount and breadth of trends that Twitter could show people.

Twitter labeled 300,000 tweets related to the United States presidential election "potentially misleading" in the week before and after Election Day, the company has announced.

Twitter's Civil Integrity Policy states that users can not post or share "content that may suppress participation or mislead people about when, where, or how to participate in a civic process".

Twitter prompts telling US users that election results were likely to be delayed, and that voting by mail was safe and legitimate, were seen 389 million times, Twitter said.

A second tweet added that Twitter will prioritize "the presidential election and other highly contested races where there may be significant issues with misleading information".

Twitter also prompted users to "quote tweet" content rather than just retweet it, to try and slow the spread of sharing.

Almost half of Trump's tweets were flagged by the platform in the days following the election, as the president claimed, without evidence, that he had won and that the process had been tainted by massive fraud.

However, not all of Twitter's changes had their desired impact. This meant the site "got ahead of potentially misleading information", it said.

Twitter doles out these privileges to individuals that are considered "world leaders" through their public interest policy. For example, the company will resume recommending tweets from people whom users do not already follow.

His latest tweet as of this writing has been labeled disputed, but not hidden, as Trump repeats claims against voting machine maker, Dominion.