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Five Eyes told to stop meddling in HKSAR

Five Eyes told to stop meddling in HKSAR

In response, a China foreign ministry spokesperson said "it doesn't matter whether they have five eyes or 10; if they dare to damage China's sovereignty, security and development, they should be careful or their eyes will be plucked out".

The other countries include Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The five countries said, "China's move is a clear violation of its worldwide obligations under the legally binding Chinese-British joint declaration registered with the United Nations".

A group of five countries led by the USA has called on China to stop undermining the rights of the people of Hong Kong to elect their representatives, asserting that Beijing's action appeared to be a part of a concerted campaign to silence all critical voices in the global financial hub.

Waikato University Law Professor Alexander Gillespie said New Zealand faced a challenge in diplomatic positioning amid US-China tensions.

At the end of the statement, the foreign ministers of the five countries called on Beijing to abide by the rights granted to Hong Kong people in the China-British Joint Declaration and the Basic Law so that they can elect their own representatives of public opinion.

Foreign ministers from the Five Eyes group urged China to reinstate them, saying the move was a clear breach of Beijing's legally binding commitments to protect the territory's freedoms and autonomy.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Thursday that the countries should immediately "stop interfering in Hong Kong's affairs and China's other internal affairs in any form". This is basic political ethics around the world'.

Britain now considers China has broken the Joint Declaration three times, including with national security legislation for Hong Kong introduced this year.

The most recent previous occasion was a year ago when China imposed national security legislation, giving it sweeping powers to curtail protest and suppress dissent in the territory. Can't this explain the problem?'

Britain has repeatedly accused the Chinese government of breaking the promises it made under the terms of the handover of Hong Kong in 1997.

When asked about the call of the US Navy secretary to establish a new fleet for the Indian and Pacific oceans to counter China, the spokesman said that some people in the US have been hyping up the so-called China threat with the real goal of finding an excuse for increasing their military force and budget.

Last week, Hong Kong expelled four pro-democracy lawmakers from its legislature after Beijing passed a resolution allowing the city's government to dismiss politicians deemed a threat to national security.

The Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region is the unicameral legislature of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China.