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First Pfizer vaccine shipment arrives in Australia

Update First Pfizer vaccine shipment arrives in Australia

He told reporters on Sunday the vaccine delivery was "the most precious of cargo" and would arrive in Australia before the end of the week, if not earlier.

Health Minister Greg Hunt would not say exactly what day the Pfizer vaccines would arrive this week for security reasons, given the "highly competitive global world".

The Pfizer vaccine will be delivered through hospital "hubs" across Australia, and in residential aged care and disability care facilities.

"We have always been cautious and always working quietly behind the scenes for more".

It's expected that 60,000 doses will be distributed by the end of the month, meaning the rollout was "slightly ahead of schedule", Hunt said.

That includes nearly 54 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, with the vast majority to be manufactured in Melbourne, and more than 51 million from Novavax.

"We have said that the vaccine roll-out would commence in late February and I can confirm that the vaccine roll-out is on track", Mr Hunt said.

"The guidance then is that there has to be (Therapeutic Goods Administration) assessment, damage assessment, quality control and we are on track for commencement in the last week of February", Mr Hunt said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison will receive the Pfizer vaccine early in the rollout in a bid to boost public confidence in the jab.

Under the planned rollout the government aims to have every Australian who wants a vaccine inoculated against COVID-19 by October.

"So it's grassroots, but it's also very interestingly being designed with common themes, but appropriate messaging for each community".