First lady set to campaign for Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Mr. Clinton said the foundation has been painted in a negative light by Mr. Trump and by the media. Reporters differ on whether this counts as an official press conference, though its impromptu nature and the limitations of holding it on her campaign plane rather than in public are strikes against the argument that she's ended her 9-month refusal to hold an official press conference.

Organized by the Clinton campaign, some of the events were private, where the ultra-rich could have different types of socializing with the former USA secretary of state, including a dinner, a photo or a short meeting, depending on how much they were willing to contribute to her campaign.

"We've got to make the right decision", Bill Clinton said.

Speaking to more than 700 people at the Community Family Life and Recreation Center at Lyon Park in Durham, Bill Clinton touched on immigration reform, poking fun at Republican nominee Donald Trump's recent visit to Mexico.

"He managed to turn his trip to Mexico into an embarrassing worldwide incident", she said. The Clintons take no salary from the foundation.

Clinton, a former US senator from NY and secretary of state, also said that daughter Chelsea Clinton's involvement in the Clinton Foundation charity will be decided after the November 8 election.

In the 16-minute video above, you can watch the brief radio address, and you can also watch the Clintons interact with the assembled children after the recording. Clinton herself has said politicking "is not easy for her" and that she is not a "natural politician, in case you haven't noticed, like my husband or President Obama".

Cookstra also declined to say whether the foundation has other fundraising arms set up in foreign countries besides the United Kingdom and Sweden.

"This election is the most important, the most consequential of our lifetime", Butterfield said. "It's a fight we can win, but we are going to have to work hard every day between now and then".

He said that when his union members encounter someone who might be inclined to vote for Trump, "we just tell them that the record speaks for itself".

"For working people, our future and the future of the labor movement, this is one of the most critical elections we've faced in the last decade".

Hillary Clinton discussed Donald Trump's taxes at length on Monday.

Doors open for the Clinton/Kaine event at noon.

Participants buy a "ticket" and the money is donated to the Clinton campaign.