Father-son duo donate portion of sock proceeds to breast cancer charities

Breast Cancer

Madam Keziah Konlaa, Principal Community Health Nurse, Public health department of the hospital, said breast cancer affected both males and females.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Bluewater Health is celebrating its designation as a screening site for high-risk patients.

The researchers reviewed incidence data among Indian and Pakistani women between 1990 and 2014. It is a human disease not just a woman's disease.

"Changes in the overall size, shape, or appearance of the breast or breast pain are to be noted as serious and alerting signs that women should be aware of, " Dr. Shamsi said while stressing on the need of early detection.

"The essence of choosing this location is also to educated men that they too are at risk of having breast cancer and to encourage them to get screened", he said.

Breast Cancer

In addition, they received more subcutaneous or total mastectomies than non-Hispanic white women.

Previous cancer research has shown that fewer Indian and Pakistani women participate in scientific studies and that various socio-cultural factors can delay their search for medical care. The money raised helps support women during treatment. They believe cancer is divine punishment for previous acts after living in the United States for less than 10 years, poor English language skills, and a lack of trust in the health system.

Lebanon Chapter, in commemoration of the current Breast Cancer Awareness Month, aimed at highlighting the importance of early detection.

Research also has shown poor mammogram screening rates in Indian and Pakistani women, which is linked to a lack of family support, beliefs that cancer is divine punishment for past deeds, having lived in the USA for less than 10 years, low English proficiency and a lack of faith in the health system.