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Family Charged After Security Guard Was Allegedly Shot Over Mask Dispute

Flint Mich. Munerlyn was shot and killed Friday at a Family Dollar store in Flint. He'd worked at the store as a secu

The three defendants also face gun charges.

Sims-Munerlyn said her husband had worked in the security profession for about 30 years, but only a little over a year at the Family Dollar.

"Duper was a hardworking, father and husband who lost his life while doing his job securing the place of business and asking all customers to wear a mask for our own safety as well as others", reads a statement on the fundraising page.

Sharmel Teague and Munerlyn began arguing after the security guard "told Teague's daughter that she needed to wear a face mask while inside the store", Leyton said.

Sharmel Teague has been arrested but Teague and Bishop remain at large.

About 20 minutes after Sharmel and her daughter left the store, Leyton said Larry Teague and Bishop drove the same GMC Envoy back to the store.

Larry Teague faces additional charges of violating Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's executive order mandating all customers and employees wear face coverings inside retail stores. Larry Teague allegedly started yelling at Munerlyn, saying he disrespected his wife, while Bishop is accused of walking up to the security guard and shooting him.

Flint District 1 Commissioner Bryant Nolden, who spoke during the Monday news conference, said he often saw Munerlyn training others free of charge at a public gym in Flint.

A security guard at a MI dollar store was fatally shot Friday and police are looking into whether an argument with a customer who refused to wear a mask triggered the violence, according to reports.

One hour later after the woman left the store, Larry Teague and Bishop came to the store and confronted the security guard.

"They didn't have to take my baby and it wasn't that serious", said Munerlyn's mother, Bernadett.

This undated booking photo provided by the Genesee County prosecutor's office shows Sharmel Teague.

He was a doting father and beloved member of the community, known to his loved ones by his childhood nickname, 'Duper'. "They are armed and risky", he said. "We need to stop the senseless violence in the community".

"He was just a family man and his kids, and his wife, and his mama, they was his pride and joy", Ramon Munerlyn said.

On Sunday night, a candlelit vigil was held that was attended by about 150 people and on Monday, the Family Dollar was host to a makeshift memorial.