Fallout 4 download size revealed for Xbox One

Fallout 4

It would be as if the game is on an endless or survival mode or until the player gets exhausted of playing and gives up. The most recent one is the perks system explained by Bethesda, and now the file sizes have been revealed by the developers. Traits are one-shot modifiers chosen at character creation.

In the past "Fallout" games, there were perks that allow players to increase a special attribute by one on the spot, which would be a gateway to 10s across every special characteristic in an uncapped game. This makes Fallout 4 the largest game to come out in 2015; previously Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim held the record.

The Fallout 4 Xbox One product page has been updated, revealing the role-playing game's file size on Microsoft's console: 28.12 GB.

Gamer critics believe that the size is quite modest for a fairly big, popular, and ambitious-sounding game.

According to a report by Game Rant, the file size of the game is actually small as compared to other big-name Triple-A games taking into consideration that the game will be released in current generation consoles. The file size on Sony Corporation's (ADR) (NYSE:SNE) will not vary much, as there isn't much of a difference in gameplay between the platforms.

In an age where a massive, high profile release is probably going to go full on Chinese buffet with your hard drive, a lot of gamers might be surprised and relieved to know "Fallout 4", even for all its ambitions, might show a bit of mercy.

Bethesda's Fallout 4 will release in a couple of months and it already has its fans impatiently waiting for the game.

These additional features could play part why the game will be launched with the aforementioned file size.