Fact Check: Are frontline workers taking hydroxychloroquine to prevent coronavirus?

A pharmacist displaying a box of hydroxychloroquine

"You're not safe taking that medication at all".

"So some of the misreporting on other networks. ignore the fact that tens of millions of people around the world have used this drug for other purposes".

It has not yet been shown to be safe and effective in the prevention or treatment of coronavirus and can cause unsafe heart arrhythmias. "I'm on the hydroxychloroquine.' They were like, 'Well, nobody ever said that was the cure or that was going to keep you safe" and it definitely did not".

A French study in April showed no benefits and a study at USA veterans hospitals even reported a higher death rate from those taking the drug.

Kim told the news outlet that she was in the hospital for seven days where she received oxygen and plasma before she was released to go home. "One thing you have to lose are lives".

In an interview on Tuesday, Mike Pence told Fox News that he was not taking hydroxychloroquine, saying his doctor had not advised that but that he "wouldn't hesitate" to do so if the advice was altered. And it turns out that Chris Cuomo took a less safe version of it called quinine, which the FDA removed from the market in 2006 because of its serious side effects, including death.

'Totally negative, no symptoms, no nothing, ' the president said.

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In early April, the Henry Ford Health System in MI launched the first large-scale study in the U.S. of hydroxychloroquine's effectiveness in preventing or impeding Covid-19 in frontline workers. And by the vast majority, that was more than 90 per cent, she said.

The president said during a press briefing Monday he has been medicating with hydroxychloroquine as a preventive measure against coronavirus for more than a week. And a South Korea study, as well.

"You have to have a discussion with your doctor to decide if it is best for you", she said.

Researchers in Australia are preparing to test whether hydroxychloroquine, which usually treats malaria, rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, can help prevent COVID-19.

A trial to see whether two anti-malarial drugs could prevent Covid-19 has begun in Brighton and Oxford.

Over 130 United Kingdom frontline healthcare workers have lost their lives from COVID-19 and the new study will test if hydroxychloroquine/chloroquine can be used to effectively protect these frontline medical staff, allowing them to undertake their vital roles more safely.

The drugs can reduce fever and inflammation and are used as both a prevention and a treatment for malaria.

Kim has since hit out at Trump, and has warned people the drug will not prevent Covid-19. The Trump Administration has bought millions of doses of hydroxychloroquine and stockpiled it. India, which is one of the major manufactures of the drug, has sent several millions of doses to the USA as part of its humanitarian gesture.