Facebook's own employees are pushing back on its attacks against Apple

Facebook's own employees are pushing back on its attacks against Apple

What is important here to note is that Apple is not stopping Facebook or others from tracking users.

Media consultant Matt Navarra noticed the blue tick had vanished from Apple's page on Facebook Tuesday morning - a week after the Mark Zuckerberg-founded site slammed the iPhone maker over its upcoming privacy changes.

NBC News reports that Apple is planning to release a new feature on their devices that will notify users when apps, including Facebook, "tracks your activity across other companies' apps and websites". If you're a proud user of ad-block then it might be easy to forget just how riddled the platform is with advertisements.

The development comes after Facebook criticised Apple's plan to bring iOS 14 privacy changes that would make it tough to target users with ads.

Facebook can now track users between apps. Apple wants to give users the control over this, on their iPhones. Facebook says it is "speaking up for small businesses".

Facebook says Apple's change will hurt small businesses that benefit from access to targeted advertising services, but Facebook don't tell you the whole story.

EFF accused Facebook for building a massive empire by tracking users and letting apps to sell users' data to third-party companies. "We're standing up to Apple for small businesses everywhere", reads the headline of a Facebook ad inside the New York Times, the Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday. The campaign targeted Apple's new App Tracking Transparency feature, which fills users in on which apps are tracking them. If a large portion of Apple users suddenly opt-out of being tracked by the site Facebook's ability to create carefully curated ads will be impeded.

"We're not going to... be the only ones that should be allowed to track people without their consent - any company can do that, even smaller startups and malicious actors."

"We're not trying to sweep that under the rug". "People want 'privacy. FB objecting here will be viewed with cynicism".

The series of advertisements from Facebook is just the latest in the ongoing feud with Apple and the iOS changes.

Apple had hit back saying: 'When invasive tracking is your business model, you tend not to welcome transparency and customer choice'.

Apple says it has been working since 2003 to preserve user privacy on the web by limiting tracking between websites and this is the first step at taking on the challenge for tracking in apps available through iOS.