Facebook Reverses Course, Won't Ban Lab Virus Theory

Biden’s order signals an escalation in mounting controversy over how the virus first emerged- through animal contact at a market in Wuhan China or through release of the coronavirus from a highly secure research laboratory in the same city

Mr Zhao also said the USA must open itself up to investigations into its biological laboratories, including at the military's Fort Detrick base.

China has also continued to point to the possibility that Covid-19 originated in another country and entered via infected frozen food or through southeast Asian wildlife trade networks.

While claims that the virus was man-made are not necessarily the same as it coming from the lab, officials appear to be leaning toward investigating the origins further and are open to more scrutiny on the lab theory.

He ordered intelligence agencies to "redouble their efforts" and report to him again in 90 days.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 previous year, some political forces have been fixated on political manipulation and blame game, while ignoring their people's urgent need to fight the pandemic and the worldwide demand for cooperation on this front, which has caused a tragic loss of many lives, the spokesperson said.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked at a news conference on Wednesday why the Biden administration thinks that China would cooperate. "In the investigation of the origins of the pandemic it is really important to have transparency in order to build trust in the investigation results".

What was initially dismissed as a conspiracy theory - that the virus that causes covid-19 may have leaked from a lab in central Chinese city of Wuhan - has resurfaced, and researchers are turning to the disused copper mine as ground zero to address unanswered questions about the miners' mysterious and deadly illness and the possible link to the pandemic.

A World Health Organization report earlier this year said the most likely origin scenario was that the virus spread to humans from bats through an unspecified intermediary animal. He also warned that uncertainty may persist, noting that the origin of the 2014 Ebola outbreak still isn't fully understood. The claims that the virus came from the lab was one often pushed by former President Donald Trump, though he never provided evidence.

Eminent Harvard epidemiologist Prof Marc Lipsitch said: "Lab escape scenario remains plausible enough that it should be looked into rigorously, along with the various natural routes that could have been the origin".

US politicians from both parties are agitating for answers.

The Senate on Wednesday unanimously passed legislation sponsored by Republicans Josh Hawley and Mike Braun that would require the Biden administration to declassify intelligence on potential links between the Wuhan lab and the pandemic. Sen.

"We need a completely transparent process from China; we need the World Health Organization to assist in that matter". "And people who are in charge of that lab, and who set in motion this virus, need to be held accountable in some fashion to deter this in the future". By subscribing, you can help us get the story right.