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Facebook board's Trump decision could have wider impacts

The move comes a day before a decision from Facebook Inc's oversight board on whether to uphold Trump's indefinite suspension from the platform

The Oversight Board created by Facebook will issue a decision on President Trump's removal from the platform Wednesday morning.

Dubbed "From the Desk of Donald J. Trump", the platform much resembles Twitter, which alongside Facebook banned Trump from posting messages in the aftermath of the January 6 Capitol riot that the former president was accused of inciting.

Visitors to the website can like Trump's posts and repost them on Facebook and Twitter.

Trump's access to social media platforms that he used as a megaphone during his presidency has been largely cut off since the Capitol riot. "This new platform is going to be big", he said in March.

Launched in November 2014, the service is a premier destination for breaking news and original storytelling from the deep bench of CBS News correspondents and reporters.

Alphabet Inc's YouTube says it does not have different rules for world leaders, though its exception for "educational" or "documentary" content does allow certain news coverage of politicians making rule-breaking statements. It also allows leaders to interact with other public figures and engage in "foreign policy saber-rattling". It ordered Facebook to restore posts by users that the company said broke standards on adult nudity, hate speech, or unsafe individuals.

The board is an independent, court-like entity for appealing content decisions on Facebook-owned platforms. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said the suspension will be lifted when the company determines the risk of real-world violence has decreased.

Critics of Facebook, however, worry that the Oversight Board is a mere distraction from the company's deeper problems - ones that can't be addressed in a handful of high-profile cases by a semi-independent body of experts.

But the move by Facebook and others has also drawn a torrent of criticism from Trump supporters, who argue that large tech platforms are biased and stifling opposing views.