EXPERT COMMENT: Supermoon eclipse

A total lunar eclipse also known as a

When will it happen, and how long will it last? So, if you are in USA or Canada, South America or Western and Central Europe or Western Africa then you're lucky to witness the best Supermoon lunar eclipse of your generation. There is no actual change, simply the moon being closer to earth, appearing bigger and brighter.

A total lunar eclipse will begin and coincide with a supermoon at 9:07 p.m. Sunday. You can watch the event at

Professor Young says whether the moon will turn blood red during that eclipse is yet to be seen.

Part two is where the eclipse comes in, as the moon passes directly behind the earth and gets in earth's shadow.

The eclipsed moon glows in the predawn sky Dec. 21 2010 in a view from North Carolina. Click
The eclipsed moon glows in the predawn sky Dec. 21 2010 in a view from North Carolina. Click

The full moon will be a bit larger than usual because it occurs at a point along its elliptical orbit around the earth that is closer than normal. Here are the important details: at 5:11pm PT/8:11pm ET on September 27 (1:11am GMT September 28), a shadow will begin to cast over the floating orb.

The full eclipse of the moon will last more than an hour on Sunday night and be visible in the Toronto area low on the horizon, weather permitting. The moon does not completely disappear, but it does take on a reddish/rusty color. To tack on a third title, it will also be considered a harvest moon!

A blood moon is caused by light refracting through the edges of Earth's atmosphere and illuminating the moon. However a belief that the blood moon means the coming of the apocalypse was popularized by John Hagee, a Christian minister from Texas, according to a CNN article.

Nichols also assured John Howell that not only will rural residents be able to see the eclipse, but city-dwellers should see this clearly provided there is no cloud coverage.