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European powers press Iran to back off latest nuclear move

European powers press Iran to back off latest nuclear move

Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian's comments came in an interview published on January 16, just days before President Donald Trump - who withdrew the United States from the deal - leaves office. After the US then ramped up sanctions, Iran gradually and publicly abandoned the deal's limits on its nuclear development. Uranium is used in the production of nuclear weapons and fuel.

Mr. Rouhani hopes an interim agreement before the election would bring Iran back toward full compliance and reduce tensions with the USA and Europe, said an official in his government.

Bout on Saturday, Britain, France and Germany - the so-called "E3" group of the "P5+1" set of permanent United Nations security council members, plus Germany - warned Iran not to produce metallic uranium, calling the resumption of high-grade enrichment "the latest planned violation" of the JCPOA.

"Full compliance" for Iran would be very hard.

Le Drian's remarks triggered angry reactions in Iran.

Western diplomats have said Iran's repeated breaches have already reduced the "breakout time" to well below a year. The maximum purity of this current stockpile is 4.5%, but if enriched to weapons grade of 90% purity it would be enough material for two weapons, some experts say.

According to the Fars news agncy, Rabiyee said today: "Our focus now is on the full revival of the nuclear deal by all parties to the agreement and we expect the new USA administration to focus on gaining Iran's trust through the full and immediate implementation of all its undertakings".

Salehi said that if other parties to the deal return to it, "we will return to our undertakings too".

Iran will need tough talks about the proliferation of ballistics and the instability of Iran and its neighbors in the region. This caused Israel to devise plans to bomb Iran's enrichment facility, as it has frequently stated that it will not allow Iran to possess a nuclear weapon. In new moves, the USA has agreed to sell F-35 fighter jets to the UAE and some other regional states that change the balance of power in the region.

The statement said uranium metal is an "intermediate product" in the manufacture of uranium silicide, a fuel used in nuclear reactors that is safer and has more power capability than uranium oxide-based fuel, which Iran now produces.

The Democrat, who analysts say will pursue a drastically different foreign policy from his predecessor, has pledged to return to the Iran nuclear deal if the Islamic Republic commits to "strict compliance".

Khatibzadeh said the sanctions were based on Iranian law. "The production of uranium metal has potentially grave military implications", they said, adding that, under the JCPoA, Iran had committed to not engaging in production of uranium metal or conducting research and development on uranium metallurgy for 15 years. He will be under pressure from American doves to make friends with Iran again and rejoining the nuclear deal would signal that.

"This has to stop because in the process of acquiring nuclear capacity".

The three European nations alongside the U.S., Russian Federation and China signed the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran that prohibited research and production of uranium metal.

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