Eureka: Masala the red panda missing from Sequoia Park Zoo

Can Someone Please Help This California Zoo Find Its Missing Red Panda

In a code "red panda" cuteness emergency, one of the five most adorable creatures at Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka has escaped.

Ziegler told the newspaper she had no idea how the red panda managed to get over the fence built to contain her. Native to central China, the animals have been labeled endangered as only 1,864 live in their native habitat, while another 300 live in zoos and breeding centers, according to the zoo's website. "She'll be afraid of anything or anyone that approaches her. She's probably really scared right now", she said.

"Red pandas are small raccoon-like mammals, the size of a large domestic cat, wild, and they eat bamboo" the Sequoia Park Zoo wrote in its Facebook page.

Masala had never been outside of her enclosure, and the biggest threats she faces are cars and animals like dogs, zoo officials said.

CAL FIRE lent a hand on Friday, sending a 12 member inmate crew to help search the nearby forests in Cutten for Masala. There have been reported sightings of Masala near a golf course and again in the forest behind the zoo but none of the tips were confirmed. Staff were watching the exhibit's three other pandas. Masala would nearly certainly scratch and bite anyone who attempted to scoop her up.

This isn't the first red panda to successfully break out of its enclosure and head for greener pastures.

If you wish to see the cutie, she will be available for viewing at Zoo Negara between 2.30pm and 3.30pm daily.