Entire school board resigns after hot mic comments

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Lisa Brizendine was one of multiple Oakley Union Elementary School District board members who disparaged parents on the "hot mic" call. "And it's really unfortunate that they want to pick on us because they want their babysitters back".

The individual wrote that they had logged into a public meeting a few minutes early, using the access code posted on the school board's website, and began filming after hearing one board member speak poorly about parents.

One board member named Kim Beede could be heard criticising a parent who called her out on social media for attending a party during the pandemic.

Richie Masadas then added that his brother had a delivery service for medical marijuana and the clientele "were parents with their kids in school", appearing to suggest that that was why parents wanted their children out of the house.

Masadas also says of the school board's critics that "it's easy to hide behind their screens" and "when you're face-to-face with people, it's a whole different ballgame".

At around the 7:25 mark, one member says, "Uh-oh.we have the meeting open to the public right now", and another responds with dismay, "Nu-uh" while a third echoes, "Great".

Parents have created an online petition calling for the board to resign or be recalled. They have now come together and signed a petition titled "Oakley Union Elementary School District Board Members - Resign immediately or be recalled". A school official told Politico the district is considering an April return date.

"Uh-oh", said Beede, when she realized their meeting was open to the public.

'Last night at the Oakley Union Elementary School District Regular Board Meeting there were unfortunate and truly inappropriate comments made that were heard by many.

"These comments are not typical and more importantly they are not what the community should expect from our school district", Hetrick said in a statement shared with the Brentwood, Calif., Press. The comments made were not in alignment with our vision and are definitely not what any of us stand for as leaders.

"This was a hard decision, but we hear the community's concerns, and we believe yielding to your request that we step down will allow the district to move forward", they said. "And to hear that, it makes you understand why there's no preparation and communication because they're not taking us seriously".

"I think we all need to take this step back and realize how shocking it is that there's been no real progress forward to get back to in-person learning because we see it around", he said.

At the end of the meeting, Brezendine apologized for the group's earlier remarks, saying "We were having a private conversation because we were really struggling at that moment with all the board comments coming in because we want what's best for the kids so badly". I pledge to work collaboratively with stakeholders and community members to begin doing the important work that is needed to rebuild community trust in our district'.