Ending the 'war on nature' must be top priority, United Nations chief urges

U.N. chief warns of bleak outlook on climate change fight 'This is suicidal'

It was tinged with optimism but delivered dire warnings, as the United Nations gears up for a December 13 virtual climate summit in France on the 5th anniversary of the landmark 2015 Paris climate agreement. Guterres made a deliberate request for that original mission by applying it to the climate and biodiversity crisis. "2021 must be a leap year - the year of a quantum leap toward net-zero emissions of greenhouse gasses".

The Paris climate accord set a goal of not exceeding 1.5 degrees (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) of warming since pre-industrial times.

Canada's United Nations deputy ambassador Louise Blais, who organized the special session with Azerbaijan's Ambassador Yashar Aliev, said it will be the first time that the United Nations system is bringing key players together to focus on COVID-19's "myriad impacts".

In total, 127 countries, responsible for around 63 per cent of global emissions, are considering or have adopted net-zero targets. It's a big task, requiring ambitious actions starting right now.

"The race to resilience is as important as the race to net zero", said Guterres. But countries also need to demonstrate how they will get there. It will provide assurance and confidence to invest for business and financial sector net zero. Plus, renewable energy is now not only cleaner, but often cheaper than fossil fuels. The major ones in particular should play an exemplary role in promoting collaboration.

"Apocalyptic fires and floods, cyclones and hurricanes are increasingly the new normal", he said. To phase out fossil fuel finance and end fossil fuel subsidies. Every year, we lose 10 million hectares of forests.

European Union chief Charles Michel said a key lesson from the pandemic is that "we were caught unprepared" even though the number of pandemics has increased in recent decades.

While welcoming recent progress toward vaccines against the novel coronavirus, the United Nations chief warned of excessive optimism, saying, "A vaccine can not undo damage that will stretch across years, even decades to come".

"The Secretary General also said that Ethiopia needed a true reconciliation, without discrimination. where every community should feel respected and be part of Ethiopia", Dujarric told reporters on Monday. The worldwide community, he said, has "both a moral imperative and a clear economic case, for supporting developing countries to adapt and build resilience to current and future climate impacts". That ambition has now been shifted to 2021, and will involve a number of major climate-related worldwide commitments. Student who died in vehicle park fall unlikely to have lost balance, inquest toldThe new footage gave the time of the fall as 12:51.37am, but Ko said that record was "obviously not the real time", adding he had directed forensic experts to ascertain the precise time and landing point of the fall based on the footage.Chow's father, Chow Tak-ming, said outside court the new footage represented "one huge step towards the truth".He said he did not expect a breakthrough in the investigation from security footage initially discarded by police, but declined to comment on whether investigators had been negligent."Frankly speaking, at this moment, it does not matter who is right and who is wrong, and whether anybody has not done their job properly", Chow said.

These include the development of a plan to halt the biodiversity crisis; an Oceans Conference to protect marine environments; a global sustainable transport conference; and the first Food Systems Summit, aimed at transforming global food production and consumption.

Speaking on behalf of the 120 countries of the Non-Aligned Movement, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev said in his pre-recorded message that he hopes vaccines "will be considered as global public goods, ensuring their universal distribution at affordable prices for all".