Embracing Abraham Lincoln, Hillary Clinton urges nation to fix divisions


A month ago, the same survey had Clinton up by 47-39 percent. The Department of Justice decided against prosecuting Clinton, but FBI Director James Comey publicly criticized her for being "extremely careless". Comey spared Clinton far bigger woes by saying he would not recommend criminal charges against her. But the political damage had been done.

Trump does even better over Clinton when the poll takes into account two third-party contenders, Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

The wide Florida swing can't be definitively blamed on Clinton's email scandal, Quinnipiac cautioned. "He has wiped out Hillary Clinton's lead in Florida; is on the upside of too-close to call races in Florida and Pennsylvania and is locked in a dead heat in OH".

Still, national poll numbers also indicate Clinton's advantage over Trump has slipped after several weeks of tough headlines.

In two other battleground states, the NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist survey found tighter contests.

"We need a president who can help pull us together, not split us apart", Clinton said. "Trump is a serious danger, folks". She lambasted Trump's decision to re-tweet an image from a neo-Nazi and his statements about women.

Though she summoned Lincoln's own words and example, Clinton was careful in her address to say the present challenges are hardly in the same category the debate over slavery that ultimately led to the Civil War.

As my colleague pointed out earlier today, these leads seem a bit questionable when you look at the poll's sample and see that Quinnipiac's results are based on the (ridiculous) assumption that the percentage of white voters will increase in 2016, despite all the evidence to the contrary. The poll did find that voters think she's smarter and better prepared to be president than Trump, but they don't think she's as moral or honest. "That's why we've got to reclaim the promise of America for all our people - no matter who they vote for", she said. "Although he is winning among white voters, who are mainly Republican, victory in Florida will be a very hard lift for him if he can't do better among nonwhite voters", said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Q Poll. Marquette, meanwhile, polled 801 registered voters by telephone from July 7-10, with a margin of error of 4.1 percentage points.

The survey was conducted between June 30 and July 11 among about 1,000 registered voters in each of the three states and has an error margin of a little over 3 per cent.

Dozens of swing-state opinion polls were released on Wednesday, giving us a snapshot of where the presidential race stands as we head toward the conventions.

Democrats convene for their convention the following week in Philadelphia, at which they are set to nominate Clinton.