Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi's dog Kid breaks his leg

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi's dog Kid breaks his leg

The scandal prompted DeGeneres to apologize to her staff and promise conditions would get better, while three producers on the show were fired following an investigation.

Alec Baldwin appeared on Wednesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show to introduce his new baby - and offer support to Ellen.

"The people I spoke to just weren't thrilled (by) the tone of the monologue, but they're hopeful that there will be a shift".

The image of "Be Kind Lady" has always been tricky, Ellen said jokingly and also addressed how the overall controversy had affected her reputation and mental health as a TV personality.

DeGeneres circulated her monologue online, though many social media users mocked her - the line "I am a work in progress" was particularly skewered - saying her words rang hollow.

"Let's call the witness to the witness stand", Baldwin said.

Baldwin went on to introduce his new addition, Eduardo, with help from wife Hilaria and played a game, Match Game: Baldwin Baby Edition, trying to identify his children, now that he has six. "She likes babies", he joked with Hilaria and newest baby, Eduardo, with him.

Ellen DeGeneres

"I have photographic proof!"

But, for the most part, her monologue was oddly peppered with jokes and sarcasm, suggesting it's nearly impossible for the once renowned "queen of kindness" to step out of the character she's created on daytime TV and just be, well, genuine.

"In his defence, it was my idea", she finally admitted.

It was the first time the staple of daytime United States television publicly addressed the controversy surrounding her, after BuzzFeed News published a report over the summer detailing a culture of fear among her employees that included accusations of sexual misconduct, racism and intimidation from the show's management. "There have been some rapids and I am manoeuvring the raft", the host said.

"All of us have a few spots of white water, however, you keep moving". I realized that issues occurred right here that by no means ought to have occurred. "And I just bounced from side to side timing my contractions while he shoved a quiche in his mouth".

"DeGeneres' attempt to clear the air fell painfully flat in part because of her unwillingness to engage with her critics in anything more meaningful than a platitude", he said.

The scathing reports followed rumors and anecdotal posts on social media that DeGeneres was hard to work with - and not almost as nice as her feel-good show portrayed her to be. "He's not a girl but he's flawless".