Electric GMC HUMMER EV 'Supertruck' revealed

Electric GMC HUMMER EV 'Supertruck' revealed

After teasing it in a Super Bowl ad in February starring LeBron James, GMC has fully revealed its HUMMER EV pickup. GMC says it's a "first-of-its kind supertruck developed to forge new paths with zero emissions", and we agree.

The underbody cameras are packaged in a way to be protected against damage from the terrain, and are equipped with a wash function to help clear debris that is accumulated during off-road use. The system has a myriad of safety features built in and, as one GM spokesperson put it (when asked), "will not likely slam into parked emergency vehicles". The 24-module, double-stacked Ultium battery is claimed to provide the new Hummer a range of at least 350 miles (563 kms). It appears that General Motors wanted to make a statement with this prohibitive price point and the impressive tech that went into the electric pickup with off-road chops, a statement that can be summed up pretty simple. There are also special displays in the infotainment and driver information screen that can show torque output, pitch and roll angles, friction circle and other readings to aid off-roading.

The headline boast is that the motors will give you 1000hp and accelerate from -60mph in around 3 seconds, which is frighteningly fast - and clearly created to demonstrate that it's not only the Tesla Cybertruck that can hit these impressive figures. The GMC HUMMER EV experience will put drivers in the middle of every moment.

The latest version of Super Cruise8, an available driver assistance feature offering hands-free driving on more than 200,000 miles (approximately 322,000 km) of enabled roads, and a new automatic lane changing feature, where the system can determine when a lane change is optimal and initiate the maneuver, while following signaling protocols. One key addition is that there's rear-wheel steering.

The EV2X is still quite robust with features, with still having features like Crabwalk, 4-wheel steering, and an adaptive air suspension system that allows the truck to navigate tricky, off-road terrain. The vehicle boasts an open air "infinity roof" - which we in the Before Times called a Targa top - consisting of removable, transparent "sky panels".

The Edition 1 also gets a MultiPro tailgate that can be set to six different positions, while the rear glass window and tonneau cover are power-operated for opening and closing.

Electric GMC HUMMER EV 'Supertruck' revealed

The central screen measures 13,4 inches in diameter.

The new Hummer EV will come with three electric motors that are capable of producing 1,000 horsepower.

With a battery as large as what the Hummer may have tucked into its chassis, a puny Level 1 charging scheme is not going to cut it.

"The GMC HUMMER EV reimagines an instantly-recognizable silhouette for a modern, all-electric future", said Phil Zak, design executive director.

Production will take place at the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly Center.