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Elections BC aiming for November 16 to return final results

Voting by mail

Elections Saskatchewan is seeing records broken for absentee voting registration and advanced voting for the upcoming provincial election.

In Oregon, which pioneered vote-by-mail and where every voter is automatically mailed a ballot, thousands of votes are disqualified in each election because signatures didn't match.

Eligible Clark County residents can register to vote online or via mail until Monday. About one in 20 votes in the two states were cast by mail in the 2018 congressional election, compared to a quarter of Michigan's votes and about a third of Florida's.

Specifically, mail-in and other absentee ballots could impact close races, with the delay meaning we could be waiting weeks to find out who the victor is.

First things first: Make sure you're registered to vote by Saturday, Oct. 24. That voter's eligibility also needs to be verified.

Fox News broke the news of Twitter's latest act of censorship, which occurred after Gidley revealed that he had been sent a mail-in ballot for someone who no longer lived at his residence.

While President Trump has baselessly sown doubts about mail voting and warned of a national crisis should the result not be decided on election night, election experts say delays in no way suggest a problem with the integrity of the vote.

The agency has promised to provide as much information to the public as possible throughout the counting process. Nevada allows officials to count ballots received in advance of Election Day in order to speed the tabulation of results that evening.

British Columbians had seven days - up from the previous six in 2017 - to cast their votes in advance.