Edwards on the Release of Videos from the Arrest of Ronald Greene

State Police via AP

It also noted he had high levels of cocaine and alcohol in his system as well as a broken breastbone and a torn aorta. I'm scared! I'm your brother, I'm scared You can hear him screaming.

One of three troopers named in the family's suit was suspended but returned to duty; another died in a auto crash just hours, the AP said, after he was told he was being fired in connection with the Greene case; and a third was arrested in February in a separate case involving excessive force.

But the body-camera (body-cam) footage acquired by Associated Press and released by authorities late on May 22 shows a horrific scuffle.

At some point in the new 30-minute video, you can see Green struggling to support his side. "While the federal and state criminal investigations into this matter are ongoing, Col. Davis continues to work to improve the department so all Louisianans can have confidence in those who swore an oath to protect and serve them". Gov. John Bel Edwards, in an about-face, said he "strongly supported" the release, calling the video "disturbing and hard to watch".

LA State Troopers arrested Green in 2019 after a fast chase near Monroe, Louisiana ... and Bodycam involved more than a few police officers when he finally pulled. Lay on your belly!

York then kneels on Greene's back and tells him again, "You better lay on your f-- belly like I told you to!"

"Force expert and former Baltimore police lieutenant Charles Key said", The soldier's mistakes and what he did are overkill. "You see Greene drawing his legs up, and that may be because he can't freaking breathe".

State police police colonel Lamar Davis, who was not in charge at the time of Green's death, did not comment on the actions of the soldiers involved, or whether he believed they should be prosecuted.

According to police body cam footage, Greene sat in his vehicle at the end of the pursuit with his empty hands in the air as the troopers rushed toward him.

An autopsy showed that Green had alcohol and cocaine in his system, suffered multiple injuries from the crash, as well as injuries from a physical struggle.

In another video clip, Trooper Kory York grabbed Greene by the leg shackles and dragged him across his abdomen despite the fact that Greene was not resisting. One of the officers tells him, "Yeah, yeah, that s-- hurts, doesn't it?"

Greene the screams out: "OK!" "I'm sorry. I'm scared". Footage of this is not in any of the videos posted by the AP.

Minutes after Greene's outburst, he begins to moan and make gurgling noises as two troopers keep holding him down.

Additionally, the report revealed that Greene died on the way to the hospital.

However, AP has already obtained those materials, and this week an unpublished body showing a soldier in a green auto on the outskirts of Monroe, Louisiana, repeatedly rocking a 49-year-old unarmed man with a stun gun after a high-speed chase. As I've said before, I found the full video of Mr. Greene's arrest, which I reviewed past year, to be disturbing and hard to watch.

Andrew Scott, a former Boca Raton, Florida, police chief who testifies as an expert use-of-force witness, said Greene's case is an example of how "stonewalling is the Achilles' heel of law enforcement".

"The only reason I can guess that this information will not be provided to the medical examiner's office is because they don't want to see it", Scott said.