Duncan Bannatyne jumps into bed with Lady Colin Campbell and Spencer Matthews and Vicky Pattison get close!

Duncan Bannatyne jumps into bed with Lady Colin Campbell and Spencer Matthews and Vicky Pattison get close!

Ship a few of those over for me as well. Jorgie later revealed her favorite dish was the crocodile penis, telling presenters Ant and Dec: "It's really good". To their credit, the celebrities sympathized.

Despite the short lived nature of her marriage, Lady Colin still retains her ex-husband’s name decades later. Ignoring Tony's attempts to apologies, she raged: "This is a typical male cop out". In a recent tweet Hopkins said that when she grew up she'd like to be just like Lady C. Now there's a fan to be proud of.

Occupation: Former England football star Age: 36 Phobias: I don't like spiders or snakes but there is no way I am going to look a wuss on the trials!

Most Haunted star Yvette Fielding was visibly spooked by Ghost Train, the latest I'm A Celebrity challenge.

Once seated in their bumper cars, complete with a skeleton as a passenger, they were slowly moved towards a dark chamber of horrors where they were blanketed with nasties including scorpions, rats and spiders.

She climbed out of her vehicle and left her colleagues. The 66-year-old Writer embraced the legendary boxer after they became embroiled in a lot of feuds nevertheless once she fixed one relationship she appeared to crash another - all before she was exiled to opposing camp Snake Rock by the general public.

Hollyoaks actress Porter was not happy. "They're in my bum hole!"

I have to say, I love her. She's so far removed from the usual "type" of celebrity who appears on the show, and she's in a world of her own 99% of the time, and, she doesn't take s*** from anyone at all, ever.

Meanwhile, Tony Hadley, Susannah Constantine, Duncan Bannatyne, Eubank and Lady Colin took part in Scare Fair.

"I was coming back from the toilet last night and it was pitching black so it's hard to get your bearings," said Duncan.

Later, Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews, The Only Way Is Essex's Ferne McCann and Geordie Shore's Vicky Pattison joined the jungle show.

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Watch the three new campers take part in their first trial, Dicing with Danger, which saw them packaged into Perspex boxes as they had a series of cockroaches, snakes and crabs inserted beside them.